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5 compelling reasons for commuters to choose a motorbike

5 compelling reasons for commuters to choose a motorbike

Commuting to work is an inevitable part of life, but it doesn't have to be as mind-numbing or as frustrating as it can often be.

Whether you're bored of relying on public transport or fed up of standstill city traffic, here are five ways choosing a motorbike as a commuter vehicle could improve your commuting experience – from the low running costs to the ease of parking:

1. Speed

We can all relate to being in a car and having that sinking feeling when we join the back of a traffic jam. Being in stop-start traffic is no fun, and when you commute it’s likely you experience it several times a week. It can be stressful when you don’t know if you’ll make it to your desk in time, but riding on a motorcycle means you won’t be delayed because you can filter through the traffic and get to the front of the queue in no time.

2. Cost

Running a car or taking public transport comes at a cost – and sometimes that cost is quite high, especially when you compare it to keeping a bike on the road. Motorcycles are reasonably priced – unless your choice is a brand new top of the range sports bike, of course. The cost to tax, MOT and insure a motorbike is also often cheaper than that of a car.

If you ride through London, you’re also exempt from the congestion charge, while other vehicles have to pay a fee of £11.50 per day.

A motorcycle MOT is less than £30, compared to nearly £55 for a car, and unless you drive a car with zero carbon emissions, a motorcycle is likely to cost less to tax. Even if you’re the owner of a Kawasaki Ninja H2, any bike with an engine size of 600cc or more will still cost less than £100 a year to tax (currently £91), or even as little as £20 if your bike’s engine is 150cc or smaller.

3. Ease of Parking

You can park your motorbike for free just about anywhere. Most major cities and towns have allocated on-road parking bays you can use – without charge – for your bike. Some car parks also allow motorcyclists to park for free.

Knowing you can ride up and park your bike in one of the free bays makes commuting that much easier than driving around hoping you can find a parking space.

4. A greener option?

Using greener ways of travelling is becoming attractive to many of us as we try to live our lives in a more environmentally-friendly way. Using public transport is often hailed as a green way to commute, but there are positives of using a bike too.

All vehicles burn fuel and emit pollution – bikes included – but fuel consumption is typically lower and as riders can filter through traffic, they are creating less congestion so they aren’t sitting in a traffic queue pumping it out for as long. It’s also believed motorbikes use less resources during the manufacturing process, have a longer shelf life and are less prone to rust than many cars, making them a favourable option.

It’s argued motorbikes create less of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2), which is beneficial, although they can create larger quantities of hydrocarbon (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxide(Nox), the pollution we inhale on the streets in cities.

To help combat the polluting emissions of many vehicles, London now has a ULEZ – an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in the centre of the city. Vehicles that exceed the levels of polluting creating emissions will need to pay a fee. The zone is active 24 hours a day, every day of the year. A recent survey on the ULEZ by Bikesure, even found that the new charges may encourage other commuters to use a motorbike to avoid paying the additional fee.

5. The experience

Bikers ride because it’s fun and that’s no different on your commute. Being stuck in an overcrowded train carriage or held up by traffic in your car isn’t a pleasant way to travel to work, but putting on your bike gear and riding to work engages your brain.

Many riders say they love how riding heightens your senses to the world because they’re not cocooned in a metal box. Commuting by bike is no different. It’s the best kind of alarm clock for the working day ahead.

So if you’re a fan of riding your bike at the weekends, or are considering a different form of transport, there are many benefits to riding a motorbike for your commute. It’s a cheaper and more convenient way to commute that gives you complete independence for those journeys you have to take.

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