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    motorcycle insurance comparison

    Get an insurance quote from a wide range of trusted motorbike insurers. Our form is quick and simple to use and in just a few steps you can view multiple quotes, saving you time and effort surfing the web.

    Bikers Are Welcome Compare doesn't just save you time either - you could have more money in your pocket too. Customers can save over £150** through comparing motorcycle insurance quotes with us. It you're a moped rider, then we do moped insurance too, so don't forget to check out Bikers Are Welcome Compare to get a good deal.You can also find a wide range of motorcycle insurance help and advice, with numerous articles on how you can get a cheap motorcycle insurance deal, plus advice on a wide range of bike insurance topics, such as insurance for amateur motorsport, travel, guides to safe commuting and more. You can find the necessary motorcycle insurance advice right here, then compare bike insurance in just a few steps.

Top questions about motorbike insurance

  • What are Types of motorbike insurance ?

    Your motorbike insurance choices fall into three broad categories:

    -Third party - only covers damage and injury you cause to others
    -Third party, fire and theft - as above, but covers you if your bike gets nicked or combusts
    -Fully comprehensive - cover for damage to your bike, as well as third-party damage and injuries
    Different types of motorbike need different cover too. You can choose what you need from your policy when you get a quote from us, whether that’s insurance for accessories and modifications on your custom cruiser or third-party fire and theft insurance for your very first moped.
  • How I Can Finding cheap motorbike insurance ?

    Loads of things can push up the price of your motorbike insurance, but there’s plenty you can do to keep the cost down too - start by comparing and challenging us to find you a better price. Take note of the other things that make your motorbike insurance more expensive and think about whether you could get cheaper cover by changing any of these..

    * Type of bike - big engines and higher horsepower often rev up insurance costs. If you’re born to be mild, a modest motorbike could cut costs
    * Modifications - anything that changes the appearance or performance of your bike could pump up the price of insurance, while security or safety mods might earn a discount on your premiums
    * Security - safe bikes make insurers happy, so keeping your motorbike in a locked garage or adding locks and alarms, for example, can mean lower premiums
    * Riders and pillion - the age, experience and claims history of the riders you’re insuring can affect the premium, as can whether you want to carry a pillion or not.

Got more questions about motorbike insurance? Read our FAQs.

  • What are All the trimmings for you and your bike ?

    Not all motorbike insurance is created equal, so as well as finding all the best motorbike insurance quotes you can see your options for legal assistance, helmet and leathers cover and breakdown cover.

  • What do the different levels of cover mean?

    There are three main levels of cover available with motorbike insurance; third party only, third party fire & theft, and fully comprehensive. They work the same way as they do with a car insurance policy, with the level of protection and cover increasing across each. You can read more about what they cover in our guide.

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