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The Iceland Ring Road

The Iceland Ring Road

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Route Overview:

Distance (Miles): 828

Useful Information:

Summary: The Iceland Ring Road
Route Description:

Where does it start? Reykjavik

Where does it end? Reykjavik 

How long is it? 828 miles


Why’s it great? 

The ring road of Iceland is by no means the best route on the island, but it does serve as a great jump off point for exploring the more interesting corners of the island.


What do I need to know? 

Getting to Iceland is the tricky part. You can either take the two-day ferry from the top of Denmark (about a 1000 mile run from the UK) or ship your bike with Eimskip out of Immingham and fly in to meet it. Both options cost roughly the same at around £1000 by the time you’ve paid for either the flights if you’re shipping in, or the travelling costs through Europe if you’re taking the ferry. Not cheap, granted, but then bike rental is on the expensive side, with costs of around 250 Euros per day, which might make sense if you’re there for less than seven days. 


Anything else? 

Be prepared for poor weather even in summer; it can be a bleak place. Prices are high, especially for restaurant meals, alcohol and hotels, but if you’re camping and stove cooking it shouldn’t cost you any more than travelling to mainland Europe. The roads are surprisingly well surfaced, with the unpaved F roads heading into more remote, challenging places that are perfect for trail bike riders. But even a Harley could make a good fist of touring Iceland. For more information read the full BikeSocial report here.


Download the GPX file of this route for your TomTom or Garmin SatNav by clicking here

The Iceland Ring Road Photos & Map:

The Iceland Ring Road
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