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Motorcycle added Costs

Motorcycle added Costs before you Ride Off

I think we all want to believe that if we find a bike at a dealer that costs $8,500 we just hop on the seat and ride off. Wanting to believe vs. reality are two entirely different things. If you stretched your budget to hit that $8,500 mark, you are going to have to stretch some more to full fill all the added costs to getting your bike home.


Don’t ride off into the sunset unless you have insurance. Most states require it to register your bike. Nationally insurance averages $200 on the low end to $800 for a bulletproof policy. Agents take into account a number of variables in determining a base cost including the type of bike, sports, etc., the age of the rider, engine size, and prior motor vehicle driving record.

motorcycle added costs

Dealers Fees

Dealer costs can average from around $300 to over $1,000 depending on what type of bike you buy, in what area you are located and what kind of dealership you are purchasing your bike from.

These fees can be seen as freight, dealer set-up, prep, transportation, destination. No matter what they entail, they add to the cost of your bike. You may say when I go to the market and buy apples they don’t charge me above the price for shipping, stocking, etc., so why do I have to pay more to have my pegs tightened and handlebars straightened?

motorcycle added costs

That may be true, but in car, truck and bike dealers it is standard. So don’t be shocked when it’s added to the invoice.

Sales Tax, Registration, Title

Can’t talk your way out of these. On our $8,500 bike tax alone in a state with a 5% sales tax is $425.

Finance Fee

If you finance your bike, remember to add different fees and loan percentage to your monthly cost over what the bike actually cost you.


Who has the self-discipline to walk out of a dealer without buying something, like a new helmet, gloves or a t-shirt? Another $100 at least out the window.

motorcycle added costs

So, when we look at the bottom line, you may be reaching into your wallet for an extra $1,000 or so on the low end making that $8,500 bike more like a $10,000 purchase.

All these charges are legal and can be explained by your dealer, insurance agent, financial institution or your state DMV. Don’t be shocked. If you plan poorly, you only have yourself to blame.

Stay within your own financial means. Don’t just look at the sticker price. Anticipate all the costs you will incur when you buy your bike. If you do, you will enjoy your new bike ownership all the more!


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