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Motorcycle Clubs UK

Like everywhere else in the world, the UK is saturated with bike-lovers, and for good reason too! Now, alongside a love of bikes, people also want to feel like they’re part of a community of likeminded people who share the same interests. That’s why there’s also a vast array of motorcycle clubs dotted around.

But, as there’s so many, it can be difficult to find one in your area, or find the details for a one that you like further afield. So, we’ve compiled a huge list of motorcycle clubs throughout the UK…

1066 MCC

This MCC is situated in West Midlands, and was founded in 2004. Everyone is relaxed, and the weekly meet is on a Wednesday.

3Bs Rally Club
For 25 years this rally has been booming, and with the bikes and booze on offer, there’s no surprise why!

This tight-knit club is fuelled by the love for bikes and enjoying life.

5 Counties Motorcycle Club
Every Monday night, this club gathers at pubs around the counties of Herts, Cambs, Essex and more.

Alongside a deep love for bikes, this group also prioritises raising valuable cash for East Midlands Air Ambulance.

7's MCC
A club situated in East Sussex that loves to have a great time.

A.R.M. (Association of Recovering Motorcyclists)
Other than being a biker club, this is also hub for alcoholics and drug addicts to get clean and sober through the 12 steps to recover program.

A272 Riders Club
If you’re in and around Midhurst, and want a local MC to be a part of this, check out A272 Riders.

Aberdare Motorcycle Club
Smile, laugh and make friends with fellow bikers every other Thursday at Rhigos Rugby Club in Wales. 7.30 till 11.

All Arms Veterans
This club is dedicated to those that have, or are still serving, in the HM forces in the UK.

American Motorcycle Owners Club
Founded in England in 1994 by bikers who just wanted to ride, admire bikes, and have a good time without any worries or politics.

Ancestors MCC
This club dates back decades, and it attends plenty of rock nights throughout Belfast. They also have a monthly meet night.

Angrypigs MCC
A charity-orientated, friendly club from Morecambe, Lancashire.

Anoxic Brain Injury
This site aims to provide regular information, guidance and support to those that have survived a brain or spinal cord injury.

Antelope Motor Cycle Club

After the Home Guard was ceased, the members wanted to continue riding bikes, so they formed this club and kept the Royal Warwickshire Regiment’s badge alive. No matter who you are, you’ll be welcomed with open arms (or a bike).

Appy Wanderers
For 6 years now, this club has been organising touring holidays in both the UK and Europe, for those that own a Goldwing.

Armed Forces Bikers
Current and ex-members of the Armed Forces work in harmony to raise money for charity.

Avernus MCC
This diverse club celebrates people from all different walks of life, and values the importance of a community-spirit, loyalty, and honesty. It attends social events, rallies, meets and shows all throughout the year.

Bad Wabbit Crew
Primarily based out of West Sussex, this group of bikers love to party just as much as they love bikes!

Barfly Bikers
A group of likeminded bikers who raise money for charity with an annual spectacular rally.

Barnsley Bikers Club
If you’re in Barnsley or the surrounding areas, you can attend rallies, shows, social-events and much, much more with this bikers’ club.

Barrel Bikers
We’re neither a club, nor just a group of friends, we’re both – a club of friends that love to party, ride bikes, and look out for each other! Every Wednesday night they meet at their home in Milton Keynes (New Inn, 2 Bradwell Road, MK13 0EN)

Bear Town Bikers
This is a bike club that thrives in a relaxed, friendly and chilled-out atmosphere at the Church House pub in Cheshire.

Beer Hounds
Formed all the way back in 1993, this is Bicester’s longest standing biker club, and they have an ethos of bikes, beer and banter!

BeerHounds Motorcycle Club
A traditional MC based out of Bicester, who welcome new faces all the time.

Beermonsters MCC
For 15 years, members of this club have been obsessed with boke bikes, and the biker culture. So, they love partying, socialising, and riding out.

BEN - The Automotive Industry Charity
This is the UK’s designate charity who support those that have had, or still do have, a connection to the automotive industry. Whether it’s financial, emotional, or nursing help, BEN will be there by your side.

Big Trailie
A brilliant forum for biker-enthusiasts!

Bike Tours for the Wounded
Organising fundraisers on a regular basis so that wounded Armed Forces personnel can go on amazing bike tours to enhance their rehabilitation.

The 1066 area is blessed with a plethora of motorcycle events each year, and this club aims to facilitate, improve and aid them.

Bikers 4 Macmillan 
As the name suggests, this biker club is passionate about raising money for the Macmillan cancer charity.

Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA)
This biker group strives to provide safe environments for children who have suffered child abuse to live in, all around the UK.

Bikers Make a Difference
Both the BMAD Paignton Bike Nights, and the BMAD Paignton Bike Festival are hosted by this MC, and it’s intentions are to donate the proceeds to various charities.

Bikers With MS
Multiple-Sclerosis won’t stop people from having a passion for riding motorcycles, and this club proves that!

Bikes & Trikes Rc 
Based in Southport, they host great meets on every 2nd Friday of the month down at the Southport Railway club.

Bikes Against Bullies UK

This isn’t just your ordinary biker club, this is a group of people endeavouring to remove bullying from society.

This is a program run by the national police, to encourage road safety for bikers.

Black Sheep MCC
This MC revolves around partying, rallying and loving bikes – nothing more, nothing less!

Black Shuck MCC
This club meets every Sunday, and also attend various shows with live bands, beer, and activites.

Black Widows Ireland
Founded in 1989 in Ireland, this is the regions oldest women’s-only MC. It is aimed at empowering women who have a deep passion for bikes, and everything that surrounds them.

Blood Bikes Wales
Volunteers combine to offer a completely courier service for the NHS.

Blue Knights England XIV
Law Enforcement Officers from every department within the law join forces to share their love for riding motorcycles.

This organisation protects riders’ rights, interests and beliefs, from the European Parliament to Parish Council.

Border Bikerz RC
For the past 10 years, this RC has strived to be a centralised hub in Essex and the surrounding areas for biker-enthusiasts to congregate.

Born Bikers MCC
Almost every weekend this club is doing something, whether it’s just a simple ride-out, a rally or an event.

Born of Chaos MCC 
This motorcycle club stays true to the roots of the biker culture within the UK. They aim to celebrate the traditions of motorcycles, rather than just being an average ‘rally club’. So, you can join fellow bikers and enjoy great company.

Boundary 500 Motorcycle Group 
The Great North Air Ambulance and Zoe’s Baby Hospice are hugely important to this MC, which is why their mission is to raise funds and keep them operational.

Bracan MCC 
A fantastic, charity-orientated MCC!

Breast Way Round 
A convoy of female riders dressed in pink journey around West Scotland to generate funding for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Bridge Rats MCC 
More commonly known as the ‘Rats’, they welcome anyone who shares their interest in bikes. The weekly meet is held on a Tuesday evening at the Shoulder of Mutton Inn.

Brigantia Rebels MCC 
A friendly club consisting of both male and female bikers.

Brighton Easyriders 
This club regularly holds meets, pub events and rallies in the scenic setting of the East Sussec countryside.

Bristol and Avon Roadrunners MCC 
Bristol and Avon Roadrunners MCC meet every Wednesday at the Colosseum, where everyone will catch-up, enjoy the camaraderie and admire the bikes on display. They also have a monthly ride-out

Bristol Banshees 
One of the newest female-only motorcycle in Bristol. They cherish the biker scene, and aim to combine friendship, fun and fabulous bikes. Please note that membership to this club is restricted to over 21s.

Bristol MAG 
This Bristol-based MC meet every Thursday at the Railway Tavern.

Bristol Sevens 
This clubs attends a multitude of rallies and ride-outs throughout the year, but they also appreciate that work and family life take priority. Their weekly meet is on a Friday at the Portcullis Pub.

British Biker Relief Foundation 
This foundation diligently supports bikers that have been affected by severe road accidents, as well as their families.

British Motorcyclists Federation 
Established over 50 years ago, this group of biker-enthusiasts originally endeavoured to combar the stigma of ‘leather jacketed hooligans’ that the press formed. Nowadays, they are incredibly respected on the biker scene.

Brotherhood Quest Riding Society 
Although the name suggests they’re a group of brothers, it’s also female-friendly, so there are sisters too! Their weekly meet is on a Monday at the Anchor Pub.

Brothers of the Third Wheel UK - A Family of Trikers 
It was initially created in the US in 1982 for those who have a love for trikes, but has seen expanded into the UK, where they take part in regular meets, rallies and ride-outs.

Bugsplatz MCC 
Telford-based with about 30 members riding a range of bikes. Regular runs out, track days, an annual rally, charity events, parties, as well as going to other national and international rallies. Membership isn’t restricted to riders, their pillions are also welcome.

Bum Biters club 
Est 1972 in London, now spread over London and the South. Approx 300 members main interests - Drinking, Bikes and old styler Rock 'n' Roll.

Burgess Hill & District Motorcycle Club 
The BH&DMC Club was formed in 1972 and meets each Monday evening for ride-outs (except Winter) at McDonalds RH15 9AR car park 7.00pm. All types of motorcycles and rider abilities welcome. Visit the club website for more information.

Buryhill Bikers 
Who organise several major rideouts per year.

But Why? Wrecking Crew 
But Why? Wrecking Crew formed January 1st 1997. The agenda for the club was for it to be fun club to involve younger people in the biking community.

Caldarium MCC 
A family based side patch club. 125s and up meet every other Friday evening. All welcome.

Cambs & District Looney Club 
Fun-beer-fun-laugh-beer-talk bikes-beer-talk rallies-beer!

Carmarthen and District motorcycle Club 
No strangers... only friends you have never met!

Carron Valley MCC 
Motorcycle Touring Club based in Carronshore, Falkirk.

Castaway Riders 
Newly formed Motorcycle Group in the Wirral, Chester & Merseyside areas. Not a motorcycle club. This group is for people who enjoy getting out on their bikes, getting together for a few beers and having some light-hearted banter.

Cat MCC 
A Lancashire based cruiser and trike club meet meet at Rose and Crown, Croston, Lancashire, Mondays fortnightly. Ride outs, rallies, bike shows and partyies.

Cernunnos MCC 
Cernunnos Motorcycle Club. A pagan-orientated motor bike club that meets at the Coffee Pot, Yardley Gobion, Northants, England, UK. Great website!

Cherrybombs MCC 
Female only MCC founded in Castleford, West Yorkshire. We enjoy rallies, bikes, parties, beer and the occasional headbanging. Members all over the UK and America.

Chiltern 101 Riders 
Small bike group in South Buckinghamshire with monthly meets in stunning Bucks countryside. For ride-outs, camping trips and rallies.

Chopper Club 
National Chopper Club

Chorley Wildhartz MCC 
A well respected drinking club with a riding problem. Established since 1994. Meet every other Thursday at the Lord Nelson, Clayton Le Woods, PR6 7RD.

Christchurch Cruiser Club 
Launched 2003,to provide owners of motorcycles which are defined as classic, cruiser and custom, a meeting place to share their leisure time together in the enjoyment of their common interest. Regular ride-outs.

Chunky Tread Motorcycle Adventure Club 
Virtual Club on facebook. We bring together adventure bike riders that have gone further for longer, and those that plan to travel. See us at the Manchester Bike Show.

Clive Motorcycle Club 
Based in Mid-Wales. Organisers of the Welsh National Rally.

Taking the Christian Gospel to the UK Motorcycling Community. As Christians Motorcyclists we are passionate about sharing the Gospel in every area of the motorcycling community. As motorcyclists there is nothing more exciting than riding a motorcycle, but as Christians we have discovered that there is nothing as fulfilling as knowing Jesus personally.

Coffin Scratchers MCC 
A family side patch club, based in the Midlands. A Bike and Trike club for like-minded people, even those with 125cc bikes! Events include Rallies, Custom Shows, Rock-nights and Charity runs.

Commuter Motorcycle Club 
A small active forum of about 50 'mates' who use the board for a laugh and sometimes talk about bikes too!

Cornwall MAG 
Represent Cornish motorcyclists on a wide range of issues that affect all aspects of motorcycling.

Crazy Diamond MCC 
A small friendly motorcycle club based in Northampton. Hold an annual rally called 'Tossin the slipper' at Hollowell. We raise money for charity whenever we can, and try to attend other rally's to support other clubs.

Crisis Crew MC 
Crisis Crew MC, the new name for the former Mid-Life Crisis MCC.

Cumbria Classic Motorcycle Club 
Classic bike club based mainly in North Cumbria. Regular rides into The Lakes, The Yorkshire Dales, Northumberland and Scottish Borders.

Curvy Riders MCC 
The UK's fastest growing motorcycle club and internet forum for lady bikers, by lady bikers.

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