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New Tires For Vintage Motorcycles

New Tires For Vintage Motorcycles


The build, the sound, that charming patina of age – there’s just something about vintage motorcycles that’s impossible to find in more modern bikes. That being said, there’s always room for a few upgrade in these old bikes that not only keep them standing over the years, but maximize their performance and keep you safe as well. This is especially true when it comes to your tires. Finding the right set of vintage motorcycle tires online allows you to get the most out of your ride so you can really show off your stuff on the road, at shows and anywhere between.


Why Update?


Simply put, the tires that were created alongside your vintage bike lack the safety upgrades that more modern tires have. Shallow tread, inferior materials – the potential problems are endless. Upgrading your tires gives you better handling, stopping power, wet-weather traction and everything else you need to stay safe while you’re on the move. Furthermore, because vintage bikes are so popular, you don’t have to sacrifice that old-school look you love to get the benefits of newer tires. Some manufacturers hand-craft tires to combine new-tire performance and vintage-tire visual appeal so you can get the best of both worlds.


Simple Replacements


Those looking for a true remake of vintage tires may be interested in seeking their parts from Heidenau, a company that’s appealed to the European biker market for decades. This manufacturer crafts tires that are almost identical to the tires that came on your old bike when it first came out, but uses upgraded materials to get you that performance boost you need on the road in modern times. They’re a preferred option among collectors and restoration enthusiasts because of their original look.

The K34 is the preferred tire among those looking to restore vintage bikes, and for good reason. This tire has a lot to offer:


·         8 different sizes

·         Traditional tube construction

·         Bias carcass construction

·         Single compound materials

·         Rated for use at 112 or 130 MPH


By adhering to traditional motorcycle design values, these tires have a special place in the hearts of vintage-loving bikers around the globe.


A Technology-Driven Addition


If you’re looking for higher-end discount ATV tires with a bigger focus on performance, then Continental might be the brand for you. The ContiClassicAttack in particular offers that same vintage appeal you’re looking for with a ton of upgraded features that no other tire can offer. The tread and radial carcass mirror vintage design values, while the compound of the tire itself lends itself to better turning and enhanced durability in all the right places. This tire:


·         Can be purchased in 4 different sizes

·         Features a classic radial construction

·         Comes in both tubed and tubeless versions

·         Is made of multi-compound materials

·         Is rated for 149 mph


While this tire may not look as close to the original vintage creations as the K34 does, it has much more to offer in the way of technology and benefits.


Regardless of whether you’re looking for a tire that’s true to the original in looks or want the best performance possible, a thorough online search is sure to find you the perfect tire for the needs of both you and that vintage bike you love so much. Get your tires today and complete your driving experience.




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