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Senj-Baric Draga by Adriatic Sea

Senj-Baric Draga by Adriatic Sea

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Route Overview:

Corners: /images/5stars
Straights: /images/2stars
Scenery: /images/4stars_1
Road Surface: /images/5stars
Visability: /images/4stars_1
Hazards: /images/3stars
Distance (Miles): 41
Approx Duration (Hours): 1,5

Useful Information:

Town: Grabovac 271, 47245 Rakovica, Croatia
Route Description:

among the top 10
Eur moto roads.
At certain points
the road sits just 3 meters above sea level,
a sight rarely found in other Mediterranean
countries, only to reach up to 300 meters in
other areas. You can enjoy cornering numerous
sections with combinations of slow and fast
corners, flanked by dramatic stone masses of the
Velebit on one side and deep-blue Adriatic on the other side.
The road surface is extremely good so you can
count on reliable grip. The road is new, wide and
offers good visibility. Take a break at any of the
numerous rest stops located along the road that
make a perfect setting for a photograph.
The only thing that can spoil your otherwise
perfect ride is a strong bora wind.

Senj-Baric Draga by Adriatic Sea Photos & Map:

Senj-Baric Draga by Adriatic Sea,+Bari%C4%87+Draga/@44.6833589,14.8024397,10z/am=t/data=!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x47639984a6ae8e53:0xee12096298e326b4!2m2!1d14.9036052!2d44.9893604!1m5!1m1!1s0x47618876e9f13d73:0xa2a136b0b7a5a464!2m2!1d15.2669665!2d44.3766256
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