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The North Coast 500 - Scotland

The North Coast 500 - Scotland

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Route Overview:

Distance (Miles): 500

Useful Information:

Summary: The North Coast 500 - Scotland
Route Description:

Where does it start? Inverness

Where does it end? Inverness

How long is it? 500 miles


Why is it great? 

The NC500 is the ultimate road trip on your doorstep; easy to get too, great scenery, challenging roads, good facilities and lots of opportunities to take in your own detours or side routes. The designation of the NC500 has also given people an easy route to follow and a sticker for the bike at the end.


What do I need to know? 

In the height of summer it can get busy, with the single-lane roads on the west coast struggling to cope. The shoulder season of April/May and September/October might be preferable, with quieter roads, fewer midges and often better weather than in the summer. 

The road over the Pass of the Cattle into Applecross remains one of the great riding roads and can be challenging in adverse conditions, which are common. Food at the Applecross Inn is notoriously good, and the road around the peninsula to Torridon is another highlight. There’s a free campsite by the YHA in Torridon, with youth hostels an affordable and convenient way of touring the loop without spending a fortune. Fuel is often a concern but many of the villages along the way have 24hour automated fuel pumps, and even the smallest of fuel tanks should be able to cope. Just be wary of Sundays where some of the older stations don’t open. 

In terms of time, while it is possible to do the NC500 in three days or less, to enjoy it fully a good five days would be best advised, as the pace is slow and the opportunities to stop plentiful. Don’t rush it if you don’t have to. 


Anything else?

You can find out more and plan your route here:

The North Coast 500 - Scotland Photos & Map:

The North Coast 500 - Scotland
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